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Mateusz Szczypiński Przysłowia Niderlandzkie 80X100cm 2017

Each PURO hotel houses a curated selection of photographs, paintings, installations, and illustrations. The works – all chosen with their respective site in mind – can be found in the hotel foyer and other public spaces, as well as in each guest’s room.

The PURO art collection foregrounds creatives whose work speaks to and with the surrounding city, while simultaneously reflecting more broadly on timely social phenomena. Each piece can be admired for its technical excellence, as well as its expressive power in helping make sense of the world around us. The resultant collection is not only for connoisseurs of the visual arts, but also for those who are curious about connecting with their destination’s artistic culture.   

The broader PURO philosophy is one of inclusivity – and that extends to our collection, too. We believe that art should be open and available to all. We do not lock our works up in warehouses or seek to profit from them. Instead, we welcome guests and the local community to immerse themselves in the collection. We realize this through organizing meetings with artists, themed discussions, group tours, and performances in exhibition spaces. In doing so, we seek to create organic connections between our artworks and life outside of the hotel.

Through our collection – and its accompanying program of educational activities – PURO aims to popularize the visual arts and enable a space for exploration that everyone can participate in.


Magdalena Karpińska

Magdalena Karpińska is a visual artist, a painter and illustrator tied to Warsaw. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She mainly paints, draws, and works on textiles, mostly silk. She explores how nature carries emotions, symbols, religions, and politics. She treats works as vi...

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Magdalena Karpińska

Maria Jeglińska

Maria Jeglińska is a designer with ties to London. She was born in Fontainebleau, France, in 2007, and completed a course in industrial design at the École cantonale d'art de Lausanne in Switzerland. She received a scholarship from the IKEA Foundation, allowing her to begin work at the Galerie Kr...

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Maria Jeglińska (1)

Sonia Szóstak

Sonia Szóstak is a photographer who works between Warsaw and Paris. She graduated from the Film School in Łódź, majoring in cinematography. She mainly works in portrait, fashion, and creative photography. Szóstak’s work has been published in such cult periodicals as Vogue Polska, Vogue Italia, Vo...

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Sonia Szostak

Tomasz Szerszeń

Tomasz Szerszeń is a visual artist, photographer, anthropologist, and art scholar. He graduated in photography from the Film School in Łódź and from Interdepartmental Individual Humanities studies at Warsaw University, and holds a PhD in art studies. He sits on the board of editors for Konteksty...

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Tomasz Szerszeń (1)