Bartłomiej Chwilczyński


Bartłomiej Chwilczyński is a visual artist and graphic designer tied to Krakow. He makes lithographs and paintings, drawings, and objects. In 2012 he graduated from the Department of Printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, and in 2019 took his PhD. At present, he lectures at a lithography studio at his alma mater. He has taken part in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad. His abstract works create a contemplative space, open to the viewer’s interpretation. His pictures, sculptures, and prints explore organic, expressive abstraction. His compositions are based on painterly forms that come from a wide brush, which the artist then deforms and reshapes into prints and spatial objects.


Circus, lithograph, 2018

Circus is a print on paper, created with lithograph technique, which is Bartłomiej Chwilczyński’s specialty. This is the most painterly of graphic techniques. It permits spontaneity, the use of gesture, and emphasizes the mark of the tool. This expressive work is an abstract in green, white, and black. The title prompts us to looks for the outlines of an arena and a circus tent in the lines and painted symbols.

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