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PURE PERSPECTIVE - @ Cracow Kazimierz


PURE PERSPECTIVE - @ Cracow Kazimierz


Nawer is a painter, architect, designer, and street-artist located in Krakow. He is among the first artists who began doing street art in the mid 1990s. In 2006 he established Artde7 Studio, in which he joins interiors arrangements, graphic art, and stage design. He puts his painted compositions on canvases and more experimental materials, such as concrete or steel. He makes abstract, geometric pictures, incorporating elements he brings from the street and graffiti art. He is a pioneer of the “graffuturism” movement, creating hybrid forms that develop the ideas of graffiti in contemporary painting. The artist took part in two exhibitions that defined this phenomenon: Rudimentary Perfection in 2011 at the Recoat Glasgow gallery and Futurism 2.0 in London, 2012. His works have been presented in galleries around the world, including Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco, Marrakesh, London, Turin, and Berlin.


PURE PERSPECTIVE, acrylic on concrete, 2018

Nawer’s site-specific mural for the lobby of the PURO Hotel in Kazimierz is an example of how the artist brings together painting and an architectural sensibility. Its form relates to the first impressions at the hotel reception: the relay of information and the speed of the big city. In the space of the city and its architecture the artist seeks a unique whole, creating and expressing urban energy. His compositions render this apparent chaos, the clash of colors, interpenetration of various form, the overlap and remix of images. For Nawer, dynamics, speed, and three-dimensionality are what count; he achieves them through a special technique of overlapping layers and the use of spray-paint.

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