Paweł Matyszewski


Biological Composition 15 - @ Poznań


Dracula Orchid - @ Poznań


Paweł Matyszewski is a visual artist and painter. He graduated from the Painting Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. In 2021 he took his PhD in Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies at the Multimedia Communications Department, University of the Arts in Poznań.  Matyszewski's work often explores motifs connected to nature and the human body, focusing on its biological aspects and ephemerality. The artist balances between the abstract and realism, working on several series at once.  


Biological Composition 15, acrylic on canvas, 2022–23 

The Biological Composition series is a collection of botanical specimens in which the artist joins human physicality and motifs from the natural world. In Matyszewski’s paintings nature blends with the artist’s imagination, and the resulting compositions have hybrid motifs with a wealth of significance. Matyszewski pursues the idea of diversity, which he perceives as the rightful order of things. In his works, flora often acquires evocative shades reminiscent of human tissues. The artist presents us with a vision of a future world of nature in which human presence is not taken for granted. The picture was displayed during his solo exhibition, Terrazzo, at Le Guern Gallery in Warsaw (2023).  


Dracula Orchid, mixed technique, 2023  

In the Dracula Orchid series, the artist draws from the form of a blooming orchid, a plant that grows in Central and South America. The picture is part of a series in which Matyszewski uses anatomy and botany to create experimental combinations. The flower’s appearance is similar to the head of a monkey or some other ill-defined creature. On the other hand, it acquires a sensual aspect that might remind us of the physiology of the female body. The very form of the picture goes beyond traditional painting, suggesting more decorative, sculpted forms. The orchid flower looks as though it were set in stone. This particular artwork was featured in his solo exhibition , Terrazzo, at Le Guern Gallery in Warsaw (2023).  


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