Piotr Łakomy


Untitled - @ Poznań


Untitled - @ Poznań


Piotr Łakomy is a visual artist, painter, and a creator of installations. He graduated in painting from the Institute of Fine Arts at the Zielona Góra University. Known for his art objects that blur the boundary between paintings and sculptures, A vital aspect in Łakomy’s work is his use of the proportions of the human body. The artist draws from the tradition of thinkers of epochs past, including the Modulor developed by Le Corbusier, a pioneer of twentieth-century architecture. Referencing the history of art and architecture, the artist attempts to work out universal proportions. Łakomy’s works weave motifs of human beings and their natural surroundings, especially those tied to the symbolism of the home.


Untitled, aluminum honeycomb, canvas, burlap, oil paint, ostrich egg, c-prints, resin, oak, frame, 2018–20  

Łakomy’s work clearly alludes to the metaphysics of habitation, exploring the motif of an acclimatized space in depth. Taking an approach close to minimalism, Łakomy works with monochromatic surfaces, which he juxtaposes with industrial materials like aluminum or Styrofoam. His work has a clear, yet harmonious aesthetic. In the central part of the picture there is an aluminum nest, with an ostrich egg inside. The artist makes frequent reference to the notion of the hearth. This piece was first put on display during the solo exhibition Under the Same Roof in 2020–21 in Gorzów Wielkopolski, the artist’s hometown, which also highlighted Łakomy’s attachment to domestic themes.  

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